Aesthetic Procedures After Obesity Surgery

Obesity, which is one of the diseases that many people have to fight across the world, poses a danger to the life of the patient. The increasing eating demand, especially due to stress, causes people to lose their saturation feeling after a while. This situation increasingly gets out of control and becomes a weight problem. Many of the patients who are struggling with obesity can become unable to do their daily routine. In this case, the preferred solution for weight loss is the surgical options such as gastric by-pass or tube gastric method. Surgical methods, while ensuring that the patient loses weight in a balanced manner, also brings about skin problems that such as loose skin and sagging. This condition may make aesthetic intervention mandatory after obesity surgery.

Which regions need aesthetic application after obesity surgery?

Some of the patients struggling with obesity are trying to get rid of excessive weight problems with their own efforts while others aim to regain their ideal weight with the help of surgical operation. In both cases, the problem of sagging skin is emerging. Especially in arms, umbilical region, calves and breasts, this problem shows itself more significantly. Plastic surgery can offer many solutions for those experiencing sagging problems after obesity surgery.

Those who require aesthetic operation after obesity surgery must first reach their ideal weight after surgery. The degree of deformation seen in the body after the weight loss may vary in patients. For this reason aesthetic surgery should be planned specifically to each patient after the obesity surgery. Aesthetic intervention is achieved by taking the excess skin of the patient and shaping the body to gain a tighter appearance.

In order to perform the aesthetic operation, the patient should have at least 3 months of constant weight. The patient who has a continuously changing weight may not be able to achieve aesthetic results after obesity surgery.

What region does the aesthetic operation begin with?

Sagging after the tube gastric surgery causes the patient to deal with another problem. Sagging, especially seen in the umbilical region, brings patient’s posture disorders with it. In addition, it becomes harder for patients to find clothes, while standing balanced can become even more difficult. Since excess skin in the abdominal area usually affect the patients the same way, aesthetic operations after obesity surgery usually start with this region. With the intervention on the abdominal area, the butt-lift operation is usually performed at the same time. At the second part of the aesthetic operations after obesity surgery, the deformation occurred in the arm and breast region is repaired. It is usually the latest in the inner leg area and the revisions. The weight given can cause the body to sag as well as in the facial area. Therefore, the problems that remain with the face area with aesthetic after obesity surgery are eliminated. After a long process, you can have a healthy life with a tight body.

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