Breast Augmentation in Istanbul, TURKEY

Breast Enlargement & Augmentation (Mammoplasty)

Mammoplasty is one of the most frequently performed aesthetical operation in the world. Protheses are placed under the breast or muscle tissue to enlarge or reshape the breasts. The surgery takes about 1 hour and then patient has the desired breast. Apart from the cosmetic reasons, mastectomy for breast cancer, may be a cause of reconstruction of breast implantation.

Why and how mammoplasty is done?

Mammoplasty can be applied to the breasts that are small, reduction of breast tissue after breastfeeding or decrease of breast tissue after weight loss. Researchs are shown that many women fell more sexy, feminene and self-confidence after the surgery. Before the operation, a plan is made considering the breast tissue, shape and size that the patient wants to have. According to the patient’s personal character and the type and size of the prothesis, it will be placed underneath or above the muscles. In Turkey, top of the prothesis are covered by thick silicone, and there is smooth silicone inside the prothesis. The difference between the implants are based on size and shape. Many women say that the appearance and sensation of silicone prothesis are similar to natural breast tissue. The size of the prothesis vary between 140-800 cc.

Choosing the right prothesis type is the key to successful operation. An experienced plastic surgent desides the suitable prothesis according to size and shape of the breasts, thickness of the fat tissue, structure of thorax, quantity of sagging, integrity of breast tissue, structure and shape of body and physical activity. In recent years, significant improvements have been made in surgical techniques and protheses. Therefore, it is effective and safe type of surgery.

Do’s and Don’ts after mammoplasty

It is necessary to pay attention to the recovery process after the surgery. Patient can be discharged after stay one night at the hospital. The arms should not be moved too much in the first few days. Lifting weights should be avoided. Regular body cleaning, short walks and a healthy diet will help healing process. Cream and painkillers should be used regularly. After surgery, a special brassiere should be worn to help stitch and muscles heal. Within about 5-7 days, patient may returned to social life. The most important risk after the surgery is the scar tissue or capsule can be compressed the protheses. However, this situation has decreased to a minimal level due to the prothesis produced with new technology. If you unsatisfied your breasts, you can easily and safely have mammoplasty. You can increase your confidence and have better social life with mammoplasty.

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