Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can be operated in women from the age of 18. Large breast complainants, which are more common in women who have given birth, can also be seen in young women who have not given birth yet. Breast structure larger than normal, are aesthetically discomfortable and cause some health problems. One of these health problems is backache due to posture disorder. Another health problem, arch, caused by the weight and impulse to camouflage the larger breasts. Besides, women who wear larger than size D, have difficulty to find clothes that fit their body in daily lives. To overcome all these problems, breast reduction surgery is the ideal solution to have breasts that fit in your body size.

Most wondered detailes about breast lift surgery

Before the surgery, the women who have not given birth, concerned about breast feeding period. The milk glands in the breathes spread throughout the breast tissue, while the milk channels extend radially towards the nipple. During the surgery, depending on size of breast, a sum of tissue under the nipple is preserved. In this way, during breast feeding period, your body produce milk as much as 70-80 percent of normal.
Breast reduction surgery leads 3-4 hours. Before the operation, general anesthesia applied to patient. After that, breast reduction is performed by mostly with inverted T-shaped incision. After this operation, depending on cutting method, scar remains nearly unvisible after 6-12 months. Individuals are concerned about deformations that may occur with the growth of the breasts according to pregnancy after the surgery. However, if women with large breasts get pregnant without breast reduction, the breasts will become larger and deformation becomes inevitable. Nevertheless, it should not make a clear judgement on this issue. Although changes in breasts can vary from person to person, it connected with how much weight patient will gain during pregnancy and how much breasts will grow.

What should be done after breast lift surgery, what should not be done?

Patient should be hospitalized the first night after surgery. First morning after surgery, the tubes called ‘surgical drain’ is removed from the breast. If everything is allright, the patient is discharged after this procedure. Patient should not take a bath for the first 4 days after surgery. At the end of 4 days, patient’s body may contact with water. At the end of the first week, patient may return to daily life.

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