FUE Hair Transplantation

Hair is an important complement of visual beauty, over time, it can be lost due to genetic predisposition or different causes. Stress, drug use, hormonal disorders or anemia are among these reasons. Even if these diseases are cured, especially because of genetic predisposition, the hair after a while, may cause the head to be completely bald at top. In this case, patients try to stop hair loss by various methods. FUE Hair Transplantation comes as the best and first method among these treatments. With the results of successful application, hair can be restored to its old appearance.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

In many parts of the world, FUE hair transplantation is preferred primarily by patients. So what is FUE Hair Tranplantation and what makes it different from other methods? Finding the hair follicles in sufficient and adequate quality in the donor area which will be transplanted is the most important step of FUE technique. Local anesthesia performed in the beginning of hair transplantation process, it aims to reduce the pain of the patient to zero. The process is performed with micro-tipped needles to avoid damaging the roots and surrounding hair follicules.

One of the topics of interest is how hair transplantation with FUE method is done? After the scalp get numbed, the hair from the donor area is removed with a “punch” of 0.7 mm towards the outlet direction of the roots. This process is done individually for each hair follicle. So the root is unharmed. Hair roots are suspended in a sterile serum until the hair transplantation procedure is performed. The transfer process is initiated after the completion of removal of the roots. In hair transplantation process with fue technique, hair follicles are again transferred one by one according to natural direction of roots.

When does the transplanted hair with FUE technique come out?

With FUE method, a sense of heaviness may also occur in the donor region as well as tranplantation area after hair transplantation. But this situation will disappear in a few days. In the donor area, 1 mm diameter holes can be seen because the hair follicle is taken. This situation will continue to an average of 10 days. The scars occurring in both regions will be unnoticable in 4 to 6 months. This period can change from patient to patient. Hair that was transplanted can appear to be lost in 15-20 days. But this is not an unusual stuation. In this case the lost parts are not the roots of the hair. The root in the skin begins to emerge again within 3 months on average. After FUE hair transplant hair loss is not the same as before. Because the hair follicles used is not prone to hair loss by nature.

If you are suffering from hair loss, you can experience healthy and lush hair with professional and comfortable FUE Hair Transplantation.

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