Genital Region Aesthetics

Genital Region Aesthetics is the aesthetic operation performed in the inner and outer view of the vagina in order to correct the shape disorders of women’s genitals, adjust the size of the vagina, and ensure that women have orgasms.

Who can have genital region aesthetics?

Genital region Aesthetics can be applied to two different groups of patients. The first group is individuals who have both visual and functional disorders in the vagina region after the birth cut. This group can have aesthetic concerns as well as sexual problems. The operation is done by performing vagina lip correction surgeries for people experiencing such problems. In the other patient group, the vagina is wider than its normal size for structural or acquired reasons. In this case, the patient may experience problems during sexual intercourse. In both cases, the conditions for genital aesthetics are appropriate. Apart from this, it is sufficient for the patient to be 18 years of age for the operation of reducing the internal lips called labioplasty. Individual exceptions, such as being married, single, or virgin, are not included in the conditions that prevent the operation.

What are the methods of operation of the Genital region?

Fat injections: Depending on excess weight loss or the progression of age, the genital region begins to lose its fatty tissue. In this case, the vagina’s inner lips begin to drain and sag. In such cases, oil is removed from another part on individual’s body and is purified by processing. The purified oil is injected into the pubic region and the external lips and the aesthetic of genital region is performed.

Labioplasty: Labioplasty, also known as the internal lip reduction operation, is the aesthetic operation made as a result of the complaints such as deformity, size and appearance of women in the external genital region. In this process, the inner lip is reduced by surgical operation and large lips are maturated with the aesthetic of the external genital region. In normal individuals, labial sagging should be 1.5 cm, while sagging in people with complaints is usually around 4 cm. Genital aesthetics for reducing should please patients aesthethic concerns, as well as protecting the sensory organs.

Vaginoplasty: Vaginoplasty, which is also known as “vagina narrowing”, is a genital region aesthetic that is made as a result of increase of elasticity on the outer wall of the vagina that can be seen in women after pregnancy and postpartum. The problem is resolved by narrowing the loose vagina with a simple surgical operation. Women usually apply for postpartum genital aesthetics.

What should be considered after surgery?

Women who had genital region aesthetics should continue their lives by following a few instructions for a while. The medications given after Genital aesthetics should be used in complete manner. There is no need for medical attention in the vagina region after the procedure. However, the cleaning of the area will need to be done with special solutions. Patient should take standing showers and wait three days for a normal bath. It is very important to be attentive for a few days of sitting and getting up. Patient shouldn’t have intercourse for three weeks.

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