Lipedema Surgery in Istanbul, TURKEY

Lipedema is a clinical problem which is abnormally accumulated fat on hip, leg, thigh, calves and arm. Lipedema surgery is the removal of extremely fat tissue by liposuction without damaging the veins and lymph ducts. It occurs after the adolescence, estimated with the effects of estrogen and progesterone hormones. The fat is irregularly distributed under the skin, usually on the thighs, calves and buttocks. It starts with cosmetic concerns, but can cause pain, difficulty in walking and some other problems. Lipedema can be confused with obesity, lymphedema, chronic venous stasis and restless leg syndrome. This disease typically occurs in youth or after pregnancy, and gets worse. In general, diagnosis is made by aesthetical surgents on clinical examination.

What are the treatment methods of lipedema surgery?

Lipedema treatments can be done in two methods:

1. Non-surgical treatment methods: manual massage, application of lymphatic drainage, wearing compression socks or clothes, exercising, diet, skin and nail care.
2. Surgical treatment methods: Lipedema surgery with liposuction

How is lipedema surgery done?

During the surgery, the fat tissue in the disstressed area, removed with metal pipes by using vacuum, in other words by liposuction. Liposuction is performed with tumescent anesthesia. In tumescent anesthesia, a liquid is injected to tissue which contains anti-bleeding and painkiller medicines. 10-20 minutes after injection, liposuction method is started. More than 10 percent of patient’s body can not be removed at a time, it will causes a complication. Depending on the quantity of removed fat, several sessions may be required. There are quite a few methods of liposuction applied today as lipedema surgery. The liposuction used during the lipedema surgery is different from the aesthetical liposuction. Experienced surgents decide the optimum method.

Do’s and Don’ts after the lipedema surgery

Patient will be discharged one day after surgery. Patients are required to use lymph drainage treatment (8-10 sessions), edema preventing exercises, pressure clothes (8-12 weeks). Patient should continue to regular and balanced diet.

What are the benefits of lipedema surgery?

Before the patient diagnosed with lipedema, they want to solve psychologic and physical disorders. Lipedema patients suffer from aesthetical and physical problems; such as swelling, pain and difficulty in walking. After the surgery, patients can get rid of their problems and may live a happier life.

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