Liposuction Surgery with Lipomatic in Istanbul, TURKEY

There are several methods to get rid of excess weight and highly fat rate in the body, which is a common problem of a massive part of society. Generally, people who have weight problems, firstly apply to a nutritional program according to body type, gender and age. If the diets supported by sportive activities are not effective, aesthetic solutions come into play. In order to remove regional fat deposition, various liposuction methods can be applied. Among these methods, liposuction with lipomatic process, also called Infrasonic Tickle Liposuction, has many advantages both for the patient and the doctor.

What is the difference between lipomatic and liposuction?

Liposuction is an application, made to remove accumulated fat tissues in certain parts of the body. Lipomatic is one of the tools that used to make liposuction. When liposuction procedures performed with lipomatic, which is a vibrating device, the recovery time is shorter than the other methods. In addition, there are more parts of body can be done by liposuction with lipomatic.

After the liposuction with lipomatic surgery

Inner and back parts of arms, hips, abdomen, upper leg, belly, ankle are the most fat accumulative parts of the women’s body. In mens, fat accumulation is more common in the belly area, abdomen, breast and waist. It is very easy to get rid of excess fat by liposuction with lipomatic method in both women and men. Lipomatic is known as the best liposuction method in the world, enables tighten your body very short time after the procedure. Besides, the patient can discharged easily after couple hours to surgery. 1 week home rest is recommended for patients to return to work depending on their health condition. If liposuction applied more than one area, few more days may recommended. Patient can take a shower after 2 days from the surgery. Patients should weared corset for 4 weeks to ensure properly shaped after liposuction. Problems such as bruising and swelling are less common in liposuction with lipomatic than other methods. These types of problems usually dissappear within a few days.

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