Prominent ear is a problem that occures when the angles between head and ear is more than usual. Although it does not any disadvantages in terms of health, it may have negative effects on phychological aspects. People who have prominent ear, especially from 5-6 ages, may suffer lack of self-confidence, body dysmorpfic disorder, anxiety and depression. In such cases, ear surgery is the most effective solution.

Who is a good canditive for otoplasty?

The most important thing that people who want to have otoplasty should know 80-90 percent of ear development should be completed before the surgery. For this reason lower age is determinated to 4-5 years. Children under 15 years old should be given general anesthesia, while local anesthesia can be applied to individuals over 15 years old before the surgery.

How is an otoplasty performed?

Small insicions for otoplasty are generally made on the back surface of the ear. This is why insicions usually can not seen. In addition, the most commonly applied procedure in otoplasty is; shaping extra cartilage in the ear. Even it is necessary, cartilage should be completely removed and external ear is reshaped towards to back. Sutures that body can not absorbed are used while reshaped external ear is sticting to backwards. Approximately 1.5 hours after the surgery, patient should pay attention to some factors.

What should you expect after otoplasty?

Adults can get better a few hours after operation because its operated by local anesthesia. Patients under 15 years old have much longer resting time than adults because it operated by general anesthesia. However in both children and adults, the ears are bandaged after surgery. Bandages can be removed and replaced with dressings after 2-4 days. The first 6-8 weeks after the surgery, patients must be careful with sleeping positions. It is extremely important to lie back while resting, in order not to pressure to ears. It is useful to wear a soft headband both day and night for the first 2 weeks after the surgery. After that you may wear the handband just at nights.

People who want to have otoplasty should known that, every person’s physical structure is different. Therefore, the shape and structure of ears are also different from every person. For this reason, it should not be expected the same result with any people. Similarly, the operation and treatment process may be different depending on your ear structure.

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